This Wonderful Messy Life

hi friend! I’m tammy!

i’m here to encourage you on your

journey to living more simply and

achieving wellness for you & your



Welcome To This wonderful messy life!!


about tammy

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am a wife to my husband Brent, homeschooling boy mom, step mom, Texas girl living in KY, lover of essential oils + wellness and love to hike!

I love to empower women to be the hero of their home and ditch toxins + help them on their journey to wellness using essential oils! I love nothing more than to cheer on women to achieve their best version of themselves!

I am also on a quest to living more simply by creating margin in my schedule, decluttering my home and creating more space in my life for the things that really matter!

Come along with me on this journey as I share all that I am learning and I hope that encourages you to take some next steps in your own life!