My Wellness Journey


I tried using essential oils several years ago and got them from a local natural store. My friends told me about how they were using them and loved the oils. I thought that oils were used for only diffusing them but I didn’t realize that when you get pure therapeutic grade oils that there are so many other ways to use them.

One thing when buying store bought cheap oils in the back of my mind I was worried about the purity of the oils. I found on the packaging to be very vague about if I was able to use on my skin and they all warned against using on the skin. Therefore, I thought oils were meant to be diffused. I figured since it said all natural that it must be good for me.

The start of my YL journey

But boy was I wrong!! I started using Young Living oils in September 2018 and I haven’t looked back since. Using Young Living oils have been such a game changer for me and my family. I didn’t know the power that a couple of drops of pure therapeutic grade essential oils can do for our wellness.

I was looking for a way to boost my family’s immune system because my husband has Crohn’s. Crohn's causes him to have a low immune system and we needed all the immune support we could get. I was always worried during the cold/flu season because if anyone got sick in my family it normally meant my husband would get sick too. A lot of times, my husband would go into work sick because he wouldn’t be able to take off.

I started by getting the Premium Starter kit which was the best decision I could make. It came with 11 oils, a diffuser and some samples of Ningxia and Thieves household cleaner. I will admit I was a bit skeptical because I had used the cheap oils from the store. I didn’t see a change in my wellness with them and again I thought they smelled good.

These oils came at the right time

So I jumped in experimenting with the Young Living oils. I started seeing things happen in our wellness. We were getting a better night’s sleep, germs were staying away, had emotional and hormonal support. I was in a desperate time in my life where I needed some major emotional and hormonal support. I was walking through a hard season and needed some help.

I was surprised how much these oils have become powerhouses in my home. Now I have tools that I can rely on for so many things. Its funny, my husband was a huge skeptic when I started using oils. He is now as passionate as I am about them because he has seen for himself. My son even has jumped on board and he grabs oils everyday to use!

These last six months, I have learned a ton about these amazing oils. With Young Living oils not only can they be diffused but we are able to ingest and apply topically. Since these oils are pure and they don’t have any fillers or gunk in them, they are safe to use many different ways.

My favorite oils are:

  1. Thieves - hello immune support!!

  2. Peace & Calming - all the emotional support!!

  3. Stress Away - its vacation in a bottle and helps to support my mama emotions.

  4. Progessence Plus - cause I need all the hormonal support I can get!!

switch & ditch

As I started using these amazing oils, I started learning about the various other products that Young Living has. I started doing some research about what is in my household products that I have purchased from the grocery store. I was shocked to find out that even my products that say all natural - free from parabens, etc still had toxic ingredients in it. I felt very frustrated and shocked knowing that I have been using products that I thought were good for my family and to find out all along that it wasn’t. (I encourage you to do your own research in your everyday products. Download the app - Think Dirty - with this app you can scan in your products and see what is in them.)

Since doing my research, I have been switching out my everyday products such as laundry detergent, cleaner, soaps, supplements, etc and ditched all the products that are not good for family. I now have a peace of mind knowing that the products that I am using will not harm my family’s health and it actually helps to support it.

let’s do this! join my wellness tribe!

Since I have seen such a change in my family’s wellness with the use of these oils, I am super passionate about helping other women out there who are needing help to support their family’s wellness. If my story has resonated with you at all, I would love to chat with you and help you start your oily journey! Click on the “contact me” link and I will get back with you!!

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