7 Go-To Travel Essentials

7 Go-To Travel Essentials

I recently flew back home to Texas to see my family and friends. This was the first time flying since I started using essential oils. I want to share with you my go-to travel essentials that make my life so much easier while traveling. It was hard trying to pick and choose what I need to take because I love all my oils.

  1. Progessence Plus - I use this oil daily to help support my hormones. Every morning and evening at bedtime I put 2 drops on my forearm.  This oil has been such a game changer and I will not travel without it!

  2. Endoflex - I use this oil to help support my thyroid and adrenals but most importantly, to support hormones.  I have a roller top on this oil bottle and I roll on my thyroid (on my neck) every morning. This oil also helps to support my emotions which is huge when I am traveling.

  3. Peppermint - I often get headaches and muscle tension while traveling and this oil is great support for these things. I will also sniff it or put a drop under my tongue to help support me in times of feeling queasiness due to motion sickness.

  4. Digize - I put a drop on my belly before boarding the plane to help support my digestive system while traveling. I don’t know about you but my stomach always feels uneasy while traveling — especially flying.

  5. Lavender - When I am traveling I don’t always carry my full oil bottles due to lack of space.  With Lavender, I make a 5ml roller so that I can use quickly during taking off and landing. I roll it all around the front and back my ears. (I never put lavender in my ears only around) Before using lavender, my ears would always get clogged up and wouldn’t be able to hear well out of them for a few days. This oil has been a game changer and I will not fly without it!! It is also a great oil for calming and relaxing during the flight.

  6. Stress Away & White Angelica - I put both of these oils in a 5ml roller that I can access during the flight.  These are my go-to oils for emotional support. I am a newbie with flying and get pretty nervous during the flight.  They help me to stay calm and overcome those fears associated with flying.

  7. Thieves - When flying, I need all the immune system support I can get! You never know who may be sick around you or if someone was sick sitting in your seat before you. I have a 10ml roller with this oil in it and I roll it on my spine and bottoms of my feet daily.

Alright, Y'all! These are some of my favorite go-to travel essentials that I won’t leave my house without! I am sure I will add to my arsenal more products soon! I have a couple of trips planned coming up in the next few months. I am hoping to get some Thieves wipes in my March monthly wellness box so that I can wipe down my space on the plane because who knows when was the last time it was cleaned!

I would love to help you get started on your oily journey! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at all! If you are ready to jump on in and get started today, click the button below!

Questions for you!

  1. What is your go-to travel essentials?

  2. If you use oils, what are your favorites to use while traveling?

  3. Any advice for a newbie flyer or favorite travel essentials other than oils?

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